Herbal Treatments for Anxiety Disorder

Studies have revealed that anxiety disorder is common among most people. Anxious people are usually susceptible to nervousness and excessive fear that may at times occur out of the blues and hinder your ability to function normally. People with this disorder also experience a lot of physical symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness and increase heartbeat which are warning signs you need to recognize early.

These disorders are classified primarily into various disorders like the generalized anxiety order, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. Most of these conditions, fortunately, can be treated using medications like anti-anxiety medicines, antidepressants, exposure therapy and cognitive behavior therapy. The following are some conventional ways that can help you curb such symptoms.


This herb originated 3000years ago, and traditionally it was consumed by people who lived around the Pacific Ocean. The roots of this herb are fermented to make a drink which works wonders for people with worried minds. It is useful and very effective as far as treating social anxiety is concerned.



This herb is used in preparing medicines for gastrointestinal, insomnia problems that are due to nervousness and anxiety. Studies reveal that this herb is very effective in lowering brain activity and relieving anxiety symptoms thus relaxing your mind. You, however, have to refrain from using this herb regularly since it can lead to side effects like confusion, rapid heart rate and dizziness.


Valeria is an herb that is used in treating sleep disorder and effective in treating anxiety since it has sedative compounds. This smell of this herb is not appealing, and it can be very difficult to drink it. This is why most people opt to take it in from of tincture or capsule.


Research reveals that lavender is an effective herb for treating anxiety disorder. It has a relaxing and calming effect which makes it excellent for treating depression, anxiety, insomnia and relieving stress naturally. Its scent also helps to relax stressed baby and induce sleep. Drinking teas infused with lavender or smelling it can calm you down immediately.


chamomileFor centuries chamomile tea has been useful in providing relief in problems like sleep disorders and stomach upset. This herb is also excellent in treating anxiety. Taken in the form of a supplement or brewed in tea, chamomile is a perfect way of easing your mind and relieving exhausted nerves.

Natural remedies may be very effective in managing anxiety disorders, but it is wise to see medical attention in helping treat this disorder especially if it starts disrupting your daily life.…