Some people inevitably suffer from symptoms like headaches, itching eyes, lethargy, sore throat and runny nose. Such symptoms are as a result of the blooming plants, flowers, and trees. This season is normally called the allergy season. The following are some the natural remedies to curb these allergies.

Essential oils

Essential oils can be used in helping with symptoms of allergies. Eucalyptus and lavender are the most commonly used types of essential oils for this purposes. They are used in the air diffuser, but if you do not have a diffuser, then you can put a few drops in boiling water and tent a towel over your head and the saucepan containing the water. Ensure the steam does not hit the face directly. Inhaling this helps in clearing sinuses.essentialoils

Saline rinses

This is a home-made remedy which works well. It flushes out sinuses with a solution of salt water. The solution is made of distilled water and non-idolized salt. You then put this solution in a big squeeze bottle and use the bottle on your top nostril and allow it to drain on your lower nostril. This process clears out your sinuses and helps deal with allergy symptoms.

Raw honey

Ingesting a tablespoon of raw honey is one of the most popular ways to deal with allergies. If you cannot eat raw honey, then you can add it to hot water and take it in this form to combat symptoms of allergy.

Air purifiers

When choosing an air purifier for allergies, ensure that you go for one with a HEPA filter more so in your bedroom. This is an excellent way of removing pollen and spores from the air. There are a lot of air purifiers on the market today, but if you choose the right one, then you can get rid of allergies easily.

Alternative care

Chiropractic care has been found to assist with allergy symptoms. Chiropractors look for nerve interferences which can occur in your spine that when removed allow your immune system to work at optimum levels. When your immune system is properly working, your body starts to heal.

Nettle tea

nettleteaEnsure you steep one teaspoon of dry nettle in boiling water. The solution helps in relieving respiratory allergies. If you cannot find dried nettle, then you can take capsule form which is available in health food stores.

These are some of the natural remedies which you can implement at home to help deal with allergy symptoms during the allergy season.